Script to list all LPARs on all Managed Systems Connected to HMC

if you have Many Managed Systems connected to HMC and you need to list ALL LPARs that you have on a table view like the following output:

Server Name : Server-****-***-***
LPAR Name          LPAR Number   IP Address
TEST1                             5             
TEST2                            4             
TEST2                             3            
TEST4                            2             
LPAR                              1             
VIO                                  6            

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0516-404 allocp

– If you tries to restore mksysb with mirrored and unmirrored LV’s they might the following error:

0516-404 allocp: This system cannot fulfill the allocation request.
         There are not enough free partitions or not enough physical volumes
         to keep strictness and satisfy allocation requests.  The command
         should be retried with different allocation characteristics.
0516-822 mklv: Unable to create logical volume.
BOS Install: Could not create the hd5 logical volume.
    ID#        OPTION
      1        Continue
      2        Perform System Maintenance and Then Continue
     Enter ID number:

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