Change default values on ODM for Fibre

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Sometimes for performance recommendations or redundancy solutions, you will need to change some parameters on fibre card, like fc_err_recov & dyntrk

TEST_SERVER#lsattr -El fscsi0
attach       none      How this adapter is CONNECTED         False
dyntrk       yes       Dynamic Tracking of FC Devices        True+
fc_err_recov delayed FC Fabric Event Error RECOVERY Policy True+
scsi_id                Adapter SCSI ID                       False
sw_fc_class  3         FC Class for Fabric                   True

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to change these parameters, you need to run the following commands (will need system reboot):

chdev -l fscsi0 -a fc_err_recov=fast_fail -P
chdev -l fscsi0 -a dyntrk=yes -P

Flag “-P” to activate it after system reboot

The Main problem on the previous steps if you need for any reason to remove the fibre card and make a “cfgmgr” again all fibre parameters will be reset because the system will reload the values from ODM.

anyway, we need to change the default values on ODM, so we will use the following commands:

chdef -a dyntrk=yes -c driver -s iocb -t efscsi
chdef -a fc_err_recov=fast_fail -c driver -s iocb -t efscsi

where, -a is the attribute, -c is the Class , -s is the subclass, -t is the type.

“chdef” will change the default values on ODM, even you remove the card and make a “cfgmgr”

if you don’t know the class,subclass and type of your card, you can use the following command:

TEST_SERVER#lsdev -C -H -S a -F 'name class subclass type' |grep -i fscs
fscsi0     driver    iocb      efscsi
fscsi1     driver    iocb      efscsi
fscsi2     driver    iocb      efscsi
fscsi3     driver    iocb      efscsi

Note: This Topic is tested on AIX 6.1 & 7.1 on a system with fibre redundancy.

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