Shell Script Quick Sheet

The following link containing a quick sheet to start on Shell Script:


The Sheet has the following outline:
Relational operators
Pattern matching
Shell math
Test conditions
Flow control
Sample snippets
Special variables
Conditional commands
Trapping signals
Output redirection
Variable substitution

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Change default values on ODM for Fibre

Hello Everybody …

Sometimes for performance recommendations or redundancy solutions, you will need to change some parameters on fibre card, like fc_err_recov & dyntrk

TEST_SERVER#lsattr -El fscsi0
attach       none      How this adapter is CONNECTED         False
dyntrk       yes       Dynamic Tracking of FC Devices        True+
fc_err_recov delayed FC Fabric Event Error RECOVERY Policy True+
scsi_id                Adapter SCSI ID                       False
sw_fc_class  3         FC Class for Fabric                   True

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Couldn’t canonicalise: Permission denied

If your work on AIX System (or any other UNIX/Linux Distribution), may be you face the following Message when you try to access SFTP:

Couldn't canonicalise: Permission denied
Need cwd

after many troubleshooting :
– user can access SSH without any problem.
– user can’t access SFTP
– you can switch on this user normally.

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How to disable LDAP Authentication in Linux

After a customer had performed some bad edits on various LDAP configuration files, users were locked out and unable to access the system. Root could still login however.

I logged in as root, and rather than mess with various config files, eg under /etc/pam.d, ran this command to disable LDAP authentication and enable “normal” authentication using /etc/shadow:

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